Wednesday, 27 January 2016

It continues...

Unfortunately, I haven't  ended my streak of procrastination which I have kept up since Christmas despite the constant reminders from my parents to revise. I am really concerned because when I was younger, in my mind, I pictured myself as being a machine this close to the exams, ploughing through the revision. In reality it can not be more different, I just lounge around browsing the vast expanse of reddit and youtube. My usual strategy for exams is to keep putting it off until I get that overwhelming panic and I start sweating and shaking then I just GO GO GO. This usually takes place at around one or two the night before the deadline, and finally, then fueled into a mad frenzy I get the work done. So I hope you can start to see the issues I have with exams which are 13 weeks away - I’m just not worried about them yet to a point where I force myself to work.

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