Wednesday, 27 January 2016

It continues...

Unfortunately, I haven't  ended my streak of procrastination which I have kept up since Christmas despite the constant reminders from my parents to revise. I am really concerned because when I was younger, in my mind, I pictured myself as being a machine this close to the exams, ploughing through the revision. In reality it can not be more different, I just lounge around browsing the vast expanse of reddit and youtube. My usual strategy for exams is to keep putting it off until I get that overwhelming panic and I start sweating and shaking then I just GO GO GO. This usually takes place at around one or two the night before the deadline, and finally, then fueled into a mad frenzy I get the work done. So I hope you can start to see the issues I have with exams which are 13 weeks away - I’m just not worried about them yet to a point where I force myself to work.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

1st blog

Ahhhhh, that sinking feeling as you look at your year planner and realize how close you are to exams and the impending doom that is sure to follow. In my case, it's my GCSE's this May. Two years of preparation have went into these exams (1/8th of my life) and now they are looming right around the corner. The total anxiety I get as I am constantly reminded of the massive importance of these exam. My favorite quote so far is 'These will be shown at a job interview in 50 years time', that is just incomprehensible to me how 20 hours of exams can affect the rest of my life. This is the cause of many sleepless nights for me and even more unproductive days. Well, I'm sure you could have guessed that one themes of my blogs is going to be exams and the rest? I'll just see how it goes.